By Helen Scoville posted 03-19-2020 08:16


How is everyone doing?  Let's support each other.



03-20-2020 21:25

​I talked to a fellow therapist today and they are putting a surgical mask over their N-95 mask. Trashing the surgical mask and protecting the surface of the N-95. We have to think out of the box these days and As I told my staff we may have to do things because their is no other option.​​​ It you have not started,stop the routine changing of disposable equipment. We stop the routine vent bundle for VAPS because their a shortage of oral care kits. I am sure everyone's VAE will increase this quarter. Visible soiled, how soiled, malfunctioning yes we change.

03-19-2020 23:38

We are currently in very short supply of PPE's please use them wisely . They will become scarce​. I was excited yesterday to go into a room of a patient who had a possible TB infection, I got this. Goggles will also become scarce. We are keeping tight control of all PPE'S. If you are not experiencing this you will soon. I have been an RT for almost 30 years and I have never experience this magnitude of infection.