On going competency assessment

By Kristi Holmes posted 02-25-2019 15:50

​Looking for information from folks as to how you identify and implement best practices for ongoing competency assessment. Also curious about the questions below:
1. Is your education department centralized or decentralized at your facility?

2. Is your education department nursing focused or multidisciplinary (Respiratory Care, PT/OT, Radiology, Lab, EVS, etc.)

3. Do you have a New Hire Orientation for all employees?

4. What topics are covered in New Hire Orientation?

5. Do you have unit specific orientation, if so, what is the length of that orientation?

6.  What types of competency assessment verification do you use?  (Donna Wright= test/exams, Return Demonstrations, Evidence of daily work, case studies, exemplars, peer review, self-assessments, discussion/reflection, presentations, mock surveys, quality improvement monitors).

7. How do you promote accountability with competency assessment? (tracking, documenting, action plans, manager follow up).

8. How do you provide ongoing competency assessment?  Do you use standardized forms?

9. Do you have an annual skills fair requirement?

            How is that accomplished (format)?

10. How do you determine what types of competency assessments are needed? (quality measures, new product, patent safety).

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06-07-2019 16:51


1. Education Department is centralized and they have an educator with both respiratory and nursing background

2. nursing focused but when asked for respiratory, he is helpful

3. Yes, new hire orientation and department for all employees

4. I can email you the topics for the respiratory department topics (just email me)

5. orientation is somewhat specific, but again i can email you what i have

6. peer review, discussion, presentation. for icu orientation, testing is invovled

7. i promote accountability, with a checklist for each therapist and i scan their comps into the computer

8. Ongoing comps are usually the procedures or unit based meaning high acuity, low volume. For example, we have a small level 2 nicu, so once a year i bring the educators from vapotherm, medtronic, and bubble cpap to go over each equipment

9. i do 2 skills fair/meetings a year and i make it mandatory

10. to be safe, i create a competency for every new equipment we have.