Tranexamic acid nebulized

By Helen Scoville posted 11-21-2019 18:05

​Hello Everyone,

I am looking for anyone who will share their thoughts on this medication and their protocol.  We are experiencing lack of information on how to give it, do we give a bronchodilator pre med?  I would appreciate any feedback!!



02-28-2020 13:43

We recently had an issue with the nebulized administration of TXA. Our physicians were ordering it for Epistaxis and not Hemoptysis. Under what conditions are you administering?

01-10-2020 09:20

Do you have a policy that covers your therapists to administer this treatment?

12-03-2019 14:18

​Thank you for the information.

12-02-2019 19:20

We do use it in our ER. No pre-brochodialtor given. This is our dosing per pharmacy who initiated it's use.

Tranexamic Acid (TXA) used in ER for hemoptysis

>25kg dose = 500mg/5mL nebulized over 15 minutes

<25kg dose = 250mg/2.5mL nebulized over 15 minutes