Pediatric PFT - low RV/TLC results

By Stacie Caddick Dowty posted 01-27-2020 09:51

Results here in our pediatric lab are concerning for misrepresentation of RV and RV/TLC.  Vyaire has come out to check all equipment for leaks, check pumps and biologic control results without concerns.  Being that we test pediatric patients I'm reaching out for any and all advice regarding what you can see represented below.  Trial 1 &2 are N2 washout, trial 3 & 4 are plethysmography.  As you can see the variability in these measurements/calculations are great.  

Besides patient efforts and positioning, should we look at/for anything else?  Is this just pediatric testing ability and variability? (this particular patient is 19, but we see the same with many patients)

Stacie Caddick-Dowty 
Hasbro Children's Hospital