PFT and Pulmonary Rehab during COVID-19

By Kelly Dey posted 03-15-2020 10:24

What is everyone doing for PFT and Rehab at this time. Any literature to support recommendations.



04-20-2020 15:42

Our team was just talking about the same concerns:how, when, what new practices will be needed etc...

04-20-2020 11:12

Bruce, I have the same question.  What criteria/screening of patients prior to opening?   Should staff still wear PPE?

04-17-2020 11:39

​In the Inland Northwest (Spokane, WA), we're preparing for re-opening our hospital based PFT Labs.  What recommendations do we have out there for a "re-entry" plan?

03-31-2020 09:07

​We have cancelled all PFT and are reviewing every two weeks to see then we can reschedule. Stress testing has been reduced to in house Patients.

03-25-2020 10:59

​We cancelled - has anyone looked into HR 6074 though and know about potentially billing via telehealth?
Including link here- (Sec. 102) This section allow HHS to temporarily waive certain Medicare restrictions and requirements regarding telehealth services during the coronavirus public health emergency.
I'm not sure if there is way this can work to support billing for telehealth visits- any thoughts or knowledge to share is greatly appreciated

03-25-2020 07:38

​We cancelled PR until further notice and plan to reach out to the patients periodically by phone to check in on how they are doing.

03-23-2020 17:13

​We cancelled all our PFTs last week through April 30. No word on when we can start testing again.

03-21-2020 06:56

​We have cancelled Pulmonary Rehab for now, PFT lab is continuing with pre op testing , all other PFT's will be rescheduled

03-19-2020 08:14

​We are minimizing and cancellations

03-18-2020 13:36

Effective immediately, all elective cases will be canceled. The MS State Department of Health has announced that physician, hospitals and medical centers must defer elective surgical and diagnostic procedures until COVID-19 spread has been diminished and the supply of protective medical equipment is restored.

03-16-2020 15:39

​PR cancelled 2-3 weeks.

03-16-2020 11:51

​PR Canceled for next 3 weeks and no word on PFT as of yet

03-16-2020 11:42

We are currently still having them come in. Everything i'm reading says non-urgent outpatient visits should be cancelled?