By Jaclyn Cruz posted 10-22-2019 15:35

I am in my second year of teaching and am curious:  Those who use the secure comprehensive therapist multiple-choice SAE (Form 2015) as an exit exam, what do you consider passing?  If they score at low cut does it pass, or do you require they score at high cut.

I only have last years numbers to compare at this time and I'm struggling with the ones that scored between 88-94.  Thank you in advance for any feedback.
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02-17-2020 14:41

Hi Jaclyn,
Our program uses the secure exam and the students take it as an exit at the end of the program.  I require the high cut score (now 92 out of 140) since we are a registry program and that's the score they need to make on the TMC to be CSE eligible.  I use a different TMC the semester before the last and require the low cut score on that one.