PFTs and bronchodilators

By Barbara Hutchison posted 06-22-2019 10:52

I have been doing PFTs since 1987.  I have always given the bronchodilators via MDI and valve holding chamber.  My current hospital is trying to switch to hand held nebulizer to deliver the bronchodilator.  AARC says the mulitpatient use MDIs are not an infection control issue when used with a valve holding chamber.  Our hospital pharmacy states that this has never been an issue either.  My department uses multi patient use MDIs on all in patients, but want to change for OP PFTs.  Does anyone have any ideas on this subject?  Any opinions or policies that I can use?  I need help.Thank you!
Barb Hutchison RRT, AE-C  
Charleston, SC



11-21-2019 18:51

I've been doing PFT's 30+yrs, have always used nebs, wait 10 min. and do post testing

10-15-2019 11:07

I am in favor of nebulizers for possible improved deposition. If spacer is used make sure it is non static. With new non static spacers , I have heard there is medication loss.