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  • Help Us Improve the AARC Mobile App

    We need your input to help improve your user experience on the AARC mobile app. The survey will ask you questions about your experience: what you like/don’t like, and what you’d like to see added to the app. Simply speed through the questions “not ... more
  • Dec. 5 Webcast: Reimbursement & Compliance

    In 2018, auditors will be taking a hard look at respiratory therapy/pulmonary function testing claims, looking for incorrect coding and missing documentation. While payment denials and recoupments will be widespread, you can take action to reduce your ... more
  • Send Your Presentation Proposals

    Help build the Congress 2018 and Summer Forum 2018 agendas by sending a presentation proposal. The deadline to send a proposal is Dec. 31, 2017—no proposals will be accepted after this date. We look forward to reviewing the great topics and ideas you ... more

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