• Safe & Effective Staffing Guide

    For over 30 years, the AARC has published the Uniform Reporting Manual (URM), with the 5th edition published in 2012. This tool has served RT leaders for decades in utilizing time standards for the most common clinical activities as the hallmark to measuring productivity.

    However, measuring productivity alone is no longer relevant if the procedures they deliver are not clinically indicated or driven by evidence-based practice.

    As a result, the AARC has expanded and re-branded the URM to the “Safe & Effective Staffing Guide: Achieving Your Mission to Deliver Value-Based Respiratory Care Services.” Known as “The Guide” (or the SESG), this rebranded tool offers many of the same benefits of the URM; however, The Guide expands upon those to meet the 21st century needs of today’s RT leaders.