• Accepting Nominations for FAARC

    Every year, select members of the respiratory care profession are honored with the Fellow of the American Respiratory Care Profession, or FAARC. Bestowed at the AARC Congress in the fall, this designation recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession in areas ranging from education to research to clinical practice and more.


    • Be an Active or Associate member of the AARC in good standing for at least ten consecutive years prior to the deadline for receipt of nominations.

    • Nominees must be nominated by at least two AARC members, one of which is required to be a Fellow of the AARC with membership in good standing.

    • Possess the RRT credential issued by the NBRC and be licensed or hold registration/certification (if applicable) within their state of employment or, be a licensed physician with a respiratory care-related specialty.

    • International respiratory therapist nominees must meet the eligibility criteria for AARC membership above and possess the RRT credential from the NBRC or equivalent from the credentialing agency for the country they work or reside in. They must have a license (if licensure if applicable) and/or be approved to work within the country they work/reside in.

    • First-term members of the AARC Board of Directors or Officers of the House of Delegates are not eligible.

    To learn more about the criteria for FAARC you can read the updated criteria and rules for nomination. The deadline to nominate is August 15, 2022.