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R New Belp clip size Ventilator for COPD patients safe ?

By Shahid Khan posted 03-03-2019 15:57

Recently I had an inservice on a small Belt clip size Ventilator for COPD patient . I thought it was a great device upon dwelling into discussion of the Ventilator with the Vendor. I learned that the claims made on the literature and by the Vendor MC were absolutely bogus. The guy fell flat on his face with my question about. How can you measure the return VT from the Ventilator that you claimed is upto 1200ml. He took me into circles to dodge the question but could not shake off the questions. He finally answered you cannot measure the returned VT from the patient on this little Ventilator. 
My question is if you cannot measure the return VT or pressure or any other set parameters on the ventilator how can this device be approved by FDA. Is this really a safe ventilator to work with