Bubble CPAP protocols

By Rebecca Huddleston posted 09-26-2019 16:28

We are currently in the process of updating our admission process to the NICU after delivery. Are there any NICUs out there that use Bubble CPAP at delivery? If so, what gestational age? What manufacturer do you use? Does anyone have a standardization or protocol they'd be willing to share?

Thank you so much!



10-13-2019 19:54

My facility, Akron Children's Hospital, utilizes the Babi.Plus Bubble Cpap system at our satellite locations.  The NICU at the main campus does not utilize bubble anymore because the patients tend to stay on it longer and it does not have any alarms on it.  The satellite facilities only keep patient's for a short time on respiratory support then tend to send them to the main campus, so it works well for them.  Hope this helps!

10-03-2019 18:04

​We are using the Fisher Paykel Bubble CPAP system here at Newton Medical Center. We are a level 2 nursery and use this on our infants that need it no matter the gestational age unless they are a preemie and then they shipped to a bigger hospital.