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Re-entry into Respiratory Care

By gregory Cleek posted 07-03-2020 01:29

 I graduated and was credentialed in 1999 and after 3 years in the field I changed career directions and left RT behind. I am desiring to re-enter the field and don't know where to begin. 
I would like to connect with someone that is willing to guide me through the reentry process. I know there are many changes that have occurred in the field since I left and that a lot of education is required. I have yet to seek my getting my license back until I can speak to someone to help me. I feel a bit lost and would like some guidance.
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07-20-2020 11:01

​​Hello Gregory. Glad you've decided to return to RT!
I don't believe you are required to renew your CRT by the NBRC, as it was granted before 2005...but you might double check with them. If that's the case, you should be eligible for licensure in most states, as the CRT is still entry level in the majority of states.
After that, I would think the state you want to get licensed in will require so many CEU's be completed by you before they will approve your license. Once licensed, you should be able to entertain opportunities for employment again. Any refresher course you can take during this time would be helpful for you and would show your sincere interest to a potential employer.
I wish you the best of luck!

Jeff Keener, MS, RRT