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Meet Your Colleagues

Meet Your Colleagues Photo

This group of RT students from Missouri are about to “go live” as they prepare to present their research at the MoSRC meeting in Osage Beach, MO.

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  • photo not available

    cell phone usage in NICU or other ICU's

    See the original Discussion Po

  • Jeffrey Haynes, RRT, RPFT

    Spring Diagnostics Bulletin is now online

    The Spring Diagnostics Bulletin is now available. As you may know the AARC website has changed. To access the bulletin...

  • Thomas Joseph Mayer, BA, CRT, CPFT, RPSGT

    I Don't Remember Sleeping!

    Sleep Section

    Each of our sleep lab rooms has a wall fully painted with a wonderful representation of sleep time memories. It really...

  • Thomas Joseph Mayer, BA, CRT, CPFT, RPSGT

    Value Added Polysomnography

    Sleep Section

    In 1976, I first heard the term “value added.” I was looking for a college and found one in a small Midwestern town....

  • Thomas Joseph Mayer, BA, CRT, CPFT, RPSGT

    Sleep Detectives

    Sleep Section

    Sleep technologists are detectives. We are often the first to notice brief runs of atrial fibrillation, the first to...

  • Thomas Joseph Mayer, BA, CRT, CPFT, RPSGT

    To Air Is Human

    Sleep Section

    Have you ever wanted something so badly that you actually tried too hard to get it for yourself? That’s probably a universal...

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  • Thomas Joseph Mayer, BA, CRT, CPFT, RPSGT

    Saved by Wonder at Work

    Sleep Section

    I enjoy gardening. The work promises a sore back, and every year the results are the same. Flowers of every color and...

  • photo not available

    Virtual Lobby Week


    Please take the time to contact your elected officials in Washington. Just follow the link to have your voice heard and...

  • Joseph Goss, MS, RRT-NPS, AE-C

    It’s Virtual Lobby Week - Let Your Voice Be Heard!


    It’s Virtual Lobby Week - Let Your Voice Be Heard! The AARC has launched its Virtual Lobby Week in preparation...

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  • Rolonda Weaver-Criss, RRT-NPS

    Oxygen and Nitric Oxide Charging Practice

    Help Line

    Hello Fellow Respiratory Therapists, Just wanting a quick idea of how different hospitals bill for Nitric Oxide and/or...



We've been tweeting some of the reasons members say they belong to the AARC. We'd like to see yours. If you're so moved, hashtag your reasons for belonging: #WhyImAnAARCMember

Fun at Work

Today AARC staff is celebrating Opening Day with hot dogs and team t-shirts. I hope you get to have this kind of fun on your jobs too!

Virtual Lobby Week

Virtual Lobby Week starts today - Monday, March 9. Get your letters in to Congress to support PACT members as they lobby on Capitol Hill March 18 for the Medicare Telehealth Parity Act.

Top Contributors This Week

  1. photo not available
    Garner Faulkner, II, BSRC, RRT, AE-C

    UC San Diego Health System
    San Diego, CA

    461 Points

  2. photo not available
  3. photo not available
    Sharon Armstead

    Texas State University
    San Marcos, TX

    278 Points

  4. photo not available
    Randolph Loo, RRT

    Tucson, AZ

    273 Points

  5. photo not available
    Leticia Martinez

    252 Points

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