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    Happy Respiratory Care Week to all my colleagues in lung health!  Here in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we're celebrating that our City Commission has agreed to a proclamation officially ...

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    ​I am looking for the most current guidelines for pulmonary function testing.  My most immediate need is to know how many doses of albuterol can be given following the provocative ...

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    I'll make one more 'semi-political' statement ; You don't need death panels when you have death rules.  You, we can't get oxygen for a patient with a pneumonia - I have one with ...

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    only about 95% of the total claims across the nation ------------------------------ Bill Baker RRT RxO2, Inc. ------------------------------


  • RC Week - Share your stories!

    We are just days away from RC Week (Oct. 22 – 28), and we can't wait to see the great events and activities you've planned for your staff and community. Be sure to send us your photos and stories. Email heather.willden@aarc.org about how your team is ... more

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    Check out our RC Week Store  to order your celebration gear. In-stock items are typically delivered in 4-6 business days--so place your order today! 

    Respiratory Care Week is Oct. 22 - 28, 2017. Find ideas and ... more

  • RC Week 2017 is Coming!

    RC Week is less than a month away (Oct. 22 – 28). We know you are planning some great events and activities for your staff and community, and we want to hear about them. Email heather.willden@aarc.org about how your team is celebrating #RCWEEK17 so we ... more