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  • AARC Student Members from New Mexico Go Above and Beyond

    Community service is a part of most RT educational programs, but these AARC student members from New Mexico have really gone above and beyond. In addition to hosting four car washes and a golf tournament to raise money to attend the New Mexico state... more

  • Free Toolkit Download: Marketing Yourself to the Physician Practice

    Respiratory therapists have a growing opportunity to market themselves to the physician practice due to the important role an RT plays in caring for patients with chronic lung disease. Since Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has been added... more

  • Two Ways to Support COPD Awareness: Nimoy Film, NHLBI Conference

    As respiratory therapists, many of you care for COPD patients and support COPD awareness every day on the job. Now you can help these patients out in the wider world as well by supporting two new causes the AARC believes can have a significant impact... more

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